The African Salesman started out as a hobby for me. It was a place where I could share my knowledge and opinions on the state of the financial industry with others who may be interested in what I have to say.

However, over the years I have come to see the site as much more. As the audience grew, I have put more time and effort into making products and services available to my visitors that they may be able to use in their own lives.

That is where you come in. Without my network of partners and advertisers I would not be able to provide as comprehensive a service as possible to the people who come to The African Salesman.

Of course, I want businesses to understand exactly what they get in return if they choose to advertise on my site, so here are a few reasons why you should consider it.

My Audience Is Large And Growing

At the time of writing The African Salesman attracts 12,000 unique visitors each and every month. The site also has thousands of loyal followers who come back to us regularly to find out more about finance and the industry.

This is a huge audience that you could use to help build your brand and gain exposure. Best of all, it’s growing.

The African Salesman has been building a reputation for offering quality advice and insight for a number of years, which means more and more people are coming to the site every day to find out what we have to offer. Wouldn’t it be great for your business if you could put yourself in front of that growing audience?

It’s Simple

I want to make it as simple as possible for you to get your business in front of the people who need to hear about it. This is why I handle all of the technical issues related to getting your adverts on the website and making sure they reach the right people.

If you advertise with The African Salesman you won’t need to worry about trawling through reams of analytics and data to figure out the next steps you need to take with your advertising campaign. I will do all of that for you and I will ensure that you know how well your adverts are performing and what we plan to do to ensure you experience an even greater return on your investment.

A Targeted Audience

I’ve already told you about the size of the audience we have at The African Salesman, but that wouldn’t mean much to you if that audience wasn’t interested in what you have to offer.

Thankfully, practically everybody who visits my site is interested in finance, business and money management, which makes the collective an extremely targeted audience for anybody who offers products and services in those industries.

Best of all, The African Salesman can target your adverts further so that they reach the people who really need to see them. Do you provide investment advice to small businesses? If so, you can expect to see your advert on blog posts and articles related to investment. The same applies for all other advertising partners.

It Saves Time

One of the biggest issues with most online advertising services is the amount of time it takes to get them set up and the hours you have to spend tweaking the ads to ensure they reach the right people.

If you advertise with us, the time issue is no longer a factor. We communicate extensively and quickly with all of our partners to help them achieve what they are looking for from their adverts.

Better yet, this saved time can be applied to your business so you can ensure you offer the products and services that your customers need. By advertising with us, you not only receive a great return on investment in terms of the potential revenue you can receive for the money you spend on your adverts, but you also save a lot of the time that is usually required to run such a campaign. As we all know, time is money.

I hope that you are now interested in the advertising and PR opportunities that The African Salesman has to offer. If you would like to find out more please contact me using the contact form below.