Designing Your Very Own Coffee Shop on a Budget

Designing your own coffee shop is exciting but it can also be stressful. You might have to spend a lot of money for it to stand out from the crowd. But hey, there are still inexpensive ways to build your own coffee shop.

Here are a few great ideas on how.

The concept

At this point, you must have determined your coffee shop’s target market, so you are now ready to design or create a concept that will appeal to them. Determine whether you are targeting retirees or young professionals since their preferencesare really different.

The front design

Will you offer outdoor seating? This is just one question that you have to ask when thinking about your frontdesign. Also remember that whatever the front design is, it should automatically convey the concept of your entire coffee shop.


This is important as this carries the entire coffee shop. The customer will see it everywhere, from the cups to the napkins, so make sure that the design of your logo represents your coffee shop really well.


Your signage should also represent the concept of your coffee shop. The material to be used, the font, design and graphics should also make your coffee shop standout from the rest. Don’t pick fonts that are difficult to read or else customers will just pass by your shop.

In-store design

Once your customers enter the coffee shop, will they ever come back?

How you design the interior of your shop is vital. You have to carefully choose the right colour combination, wall decor and artwork as well as the counter, dining and seating area, menu board, and restrooms; even your cashier should embody the concept of your coffee shop. If you have a hard time doing this, you can always seek help from a commercial design service.


Your shop’s layout will define how efficiently your employees function and also how comfortable your guests feel. The best layout should promote productivity among your employees while enhancing the customer experience. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself when designing your shop’s layout.

  • Can the barista move freely and methodically?
  • Will there be enough space for the baristas to move around?
  • Can the customers understand the ordering process right after they step inside the shop?

Consider the lighting

Great lighting can transform an entire place. It builds the mood and focuses where you want the eyes of the customers to land. This is highly effective especially if you are selling something other than coffee such as mugs and tumblers.

No matter what design or layout you pick for your coffee shop, the key to its success is your customers. As long as you provide a positive experience for them, they will surely come back to your shop with friends, co-workers and family which will surely improve your current market.

Your coffee shop can be compared to a barista. Its presentation will do the talking and will serve as a voice that will encourage people to frequent your shop.