Organising a Team Day for Employees

Whilst team building days may often be the butt of many a TV show or movie joke, they are still considered by some of the bigger businesses and corporations as a productive means of keeping employee moral up.

Even a smaller business can benefit from such days, provided it is dealt with in the most effective way beforehand.

What Will My Employees Achieve on Such a Day?

Team work is one of the main reasons for implementing such days, especially when you are trying to encourage a bond between those of your members of staff who sometimes spend longer at work than they do at home!

Make Sure You Have Valid Reasons for Organising a Team Day

As a boss of a company, I’m sure you would not want to be spending precious time and money on dragging your employees out for a day away from the office just for something to do! Neither do your employees want to have to come back to more work, having taken a day off for no apparent reason. Therefore, make sure you can justify your team day. There are indeed many valid reasons for organising such a day:

Does your company need to learn how to work together?

Has the company been through a difficult time?

Do you anticipate hard times ahead?

Is there a sense of low morale in the workplace?

Have you just transitioned, and need to establish some stability in the company?

Encourage Such Days – Don’t Force

Consider the thoughts and opinions of your employees of such days. Not every employee will be excited at the mere thought of spending an activity filled day with their colleagues; in fact some will positively dread it. There’s nothing worse than having to drag your colleagues kicking and screaming into such ventures as it will cause a ripple effect further down the line!

Team Day Alternatives

If you feel your company could benefit from something like this, but you don’t feel a whole team day is right now, why not try a group meeting outside of the work place – a coffee house or even a café for example. When you take people out of the immediate environment and into comfortable surroundings, the conversation flows a lot more freely. Perhaps you could even implement this as a weekly meeting session?

The key is to find what works for your company and its employees.