Writing a Cover Letter Without Experience

Landing a job is something which many people struggle with even with years of industry experience. As somebody who is fresh out of school or college without any of this experience, it can seem like an uphill struggle. It is bad enough sending a resumé to potential employers when it has virtually no real work experience on it, so having to send a cover letter along with your resumé is something which may seem impossible.

It is not impossible, though! Although it can be discouraging having to apply for jobs without any experience, you should not let this put you off. You can still produce a strong resume by engaging a firm that offers resume writing service in minnesota or in your area. Then you can get on with drafting an impressive cover letter even though you do not have any work experience. In fact, work experience only forms a small part of a cover letter and recruiters are far more interested in you. Although experience is always a bonus, it is not the be-all-end-all when it comes to landing that dream job!

Here’s how you can write a compelling cover letter without any work experience.

#1: Clearly Introduce Yourself

The first paragraph is your golden opportunity to make an awesome first impression on the recruitment manager. This section is the introduction and should be where you explain exactly who you are, the position you are interested in, and how you came across the opportunity.

After this, start discussing your education. Outline how your educational background is directly applicable to the job (don’t start listing any skills yet!) and, if you have any, mention any connections you have with the company. For instance, your college may have strong connections with the company to which you are applying, so name-drop any college alumni you know (name-drop appropriately, though) who are working there.

#2: Talk About Relevant Skills & Accomplishments

This is where you can really sell yourself. No matter if you have never worked a day in your life, you still have plenty of life experiences that you can draw on and apply to the job post.

If you are applying to a job which is physically demanding, you may wish to talk about any sports-related experience you have, or if the job is particularly high-pressure (sales, law, finance) you may wish to draw upon life experiences which have helped you develop key competencies such as teamworking and resilience.

You should also explain succinctly in a single paragraph why you are interested in the company, what it is which appeals to you, and why you would like to work there. After you have written the main body of content, sign it off appropriately and proofread for errors before sending.

#3: Look Online for Templates

There are plenty of cover letter templates online which can give you inspiration or act as pointers. Whether you are looking for a warehouse worker cover letter or are looking for an example of a legal-orientated cover letter, there are thousands of these available all across the internet; a simple Google search will pull up many examples which you can use to your advantage.

Writing a cover letter can be daunting if you have had no relevant working experience or any working experience at all for that matter. You shouldn’t be put off by this, though, as cover letters are a great opportunity to really sell yourself – everybody has life experiences and skills they can draw upon and apply to the job vacancy, and this is exactly how you sell yourself in a cover letter when you have nothing else to talk about.