5 cool things to add to your home

Looking for ways to modernise your home and bring it up to trend? Look no further. Here are 5 excellent ways to add some ‘cool’ into your home.

  • Heating equipment

There are different kinds of heating equipment available today, from furnaces powered by oil from places like bondedoil.com, to heat pumps, to various types of fireplaces. Installing log burners provide the perfect focal point for a room and are much more efficient and cleaner than an open fireplace. Considering a log burner? They can even save you money on your heating in those cold winter months. Of course, an electric furnace is something that is much easier with regard to maintenance as opposed to a log burner which will require a manual supply of wood. Maintaining and repairing a furnace is easy when professionals like those at Valley Service (take a look at the site here) are there to offer their services.

It’s important to do your research prior to investing in any heating device. Consider the size of the area that needs to be heated. Indoor heating and outdoor heating, such as a swimming pool might differ. For outdoor pools, you might want to install one of those swimming pool air source heat pumps for heating the water sufficiently. Besides, whichever heating equipment you choose, you would have to think about the cost of the maintenance and the installation.

  1. Loft Flooring

Got a huge attic space that’s hard to access for storage? Loft flooring is your next step. No longer will you be shuffling boxes around precariously from the steps of your loft ladder. With loft flooring this space becomes easily accessible and means you can utilise all the space in your loft and open up new space around your home.

Flooring for your loft is also a necessity if you are thinking of converting a loft space into a bedroom or office. Not only that, it can help insulate your home better which in turn will allow you to save on your heating bills.

  1. Walk in Closet

What’s more luxurious than a walk in closet? Not only is it the perfect space to store all your clothing and accessories – this is also a feature in itself.

Want to make your walk in closet more spacious and modern? Add white shelving. Painting the walls is also a sure fire way to transform it from an ordinary area into a chic, fresh space. You could add a colourful rug for a splash of vibrance and some stylish storage boxes. This is the epitome of cool.

  1. Unpainted and untreated walls

If you have just moved into a new build or are preparing to do up an older building consider keeping a statement wall untreated and unpainted.

The industrial look of exposed brickwork and plastered walls is starting to become a big trend. Why not make a focus out of one of these in your living room or your kitchen? It’s also great news for those who want to save a bit of money. No effort – all chic!

  1. Terrariums

Looking for a way to freshen up your room and spruce up your living space? Terrariums are a relatively hassle-free way to bring the outside inside. Also – they’ll help to take care of your plants for you – so your life won’t have to revolve around your cacti.

Closed terrariums allow head and light to enter and create a nurturing environment for your plants. They essentially recycle water and are self nourishing. Open terrariums are good too – but you should stick mainly with succulents. They come at a lower cost and tend to make more good looking decorations.