Does my Business Need Its Own Social Media Account?

As somebody who actively promotes all things online and social media for businesses, I find it difficult to comprehend how so many businesses are yet to make their presence known on some form of social media platform.

Whether we like it or not, social media is a huge network and marketing tool that is free to access for most of us. The results it derives are astounding! Therefore, it stands to reason that if you aren’t available on social platforms these days, you are missing out on masses of potential custom and advertising, especially when you can employ other marketing resources on social media as well. For instance, if you are implementing SEO ideas on your website with the help of companies like Victorious or an equivalent SEO agency, you can use these strategies on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. It can provide exponential support to your business to achieve a high conversion rate.

What is Holding You Back from Social Media?

I understand that getting yourself out there online, particularly if you’ve never had much to do with the online world before, can seem daunting. With an abundance of terms, abbreviations, apps and even hashtags to get to grips with, it can seem like you need to understand a whole new world of terminology before you can even get started. But, as someone who has made that jump, I can tell you that it’s nowhere near as hard as it sounds!

Where Are Your Customers to Be Found Online?

Why not start with the basics of customer research? By this, I don’t mean penning some elaborate time consuming written questionnaires for people to have to fill in and get back to you. Why not simply ask as many current customers as you can where they spend their time online? Do they have a Twitter account or Facebook account? Perhaps they have both? Maybe they prefer Instagram to the other platform? These days it isn’t hard to access such information about customers social media habits; in fact, many people would be willing to supply you with that kind of information in an instant!

See What the Fuss Is All About

If you wanted proof that business and social media work perfectly together, go online for yourself and search for some of the more successful businesses you know of. What method are they taking, and what is their approach? More so, what is the effect of them being online where their customers are to be found? When you spend a bit of quality time researching the connection between businesses and customers on social media, you will see a conversation between the two beginning to form. Customers feel as though there is an open line of communication when they can gain instant access to a company online. Customers are also able to leave reviews on business social media accounts too. This could be in the comments or on other online platforms. To manage social media posts and reviews, it might be worth incorporating some social media management software into your operations to ensure the business is running beneficial campaigns.

Staring up a social media account is one of the simplest tasks you can undertake. It therefore makes sense to have a go and see for yourself the many advantages that creating an account could have for your business. With almost every one of your customers having their own social media account these days, can you afford not to be where they are?