How Secure Are Your Small Business Premises?

The growing number of small start-up business, perhaps with only one person or a few at the helm, will lay claim to all manners and types of premises. Most popular are small outbuildings, garden sheds, garages, conservatories or even a space inside of the home. Whilst this method is perhaps a more practical, but temporary solution, to starting out, and may not be used for more than a year if that, the question of securing such premises should never be dismissed or taken for granted.

When you start a business, not matter how small, and work from a designated area, you need to ensure that this area is always kept secure. After all, this is your livelihood. It isn’t just the big companies and corporations that need to take security seriously – those smaller companies are also prone to theft and vandalism if not secured.

Install Some Security Measures

I always say there are two effective security measures that you can take when securing your property. A common solution is to install an alarm that is triggered by an intruder entering your premises. Another option is investing in business security cameras or better yet, a CCTV system, which will record continuously day and night, providing you with physical evidence of any potential incidents. Both items on show are a deterrent in themselves. Besides these two, if you want a more rigid security system and want to monitor right from the entrance of the premise, then I suggest you invest in cellular access control for the gate too. However, if your budget can only stretch to one of these items, then you can look more at the CCTV system.

Domestic CCTV Systems are Inexpensive

With so many home owners taking the option to fully secure their homes and families, the number of domestic CCTV systems have increased but their prices are certainly agreeable. If your premises are small, there is no reason at the beginning of your venture why you can’t look at these domestic CCTV systems. They can emit clear pictures, allowing you to watch the comings and goings on a screen in your premises, with some offering more than one camera. If a crime was to be committed against your business, you could send the footage to Video Forensic Experts who could verify it and this can be used to prosecute the criminals. This allows you to continue your work in the knowledge that you, and your premises, are protected as you do.

If you still need some convincing, ask yourself this – if you were to walk into your office, or small business premises tomorrow morning to find you had been broken into, and all your stuff was stolen or vandalised, would you be able to continue to work straight away as normal? Unfortunately, the most likely answer is no.

For the sake of a small outlay, for peace of mind I can’t stress enough the importance of taking care of where you work as one of the first things you do when you begin working from your own small premises.