Five Tips for Improving the Aesthetic Appeal of Your Website

The internet is a great resource for connecting companies and their clients, and your website is often the first thing a potential customer will see about you. If you want to be trusted and taken seriously, your site needs to look professional. A well-laid out site will impress visitors and give them confidence in doing business with you. You can’t afford to leave a bad taste in a visitor’s mouth based on the look and feel of your site.

Here are some tips to turn up the charm and boost the attractiveness of your website.

High-Quality Photos and Video

The media that you present on your site should be a reflection of your work ethic: low-quality images or video tells visitors that you have little regard for the work you do. Avoid sending the wrong message by not putting any attention or care into the photos you use. Access to high-quality camera equipment is becoming much more accessible, and professional photographers can be booked for a lot less than in the past. Resources for choosing the right equipment, such as I Am Gopro, are quite common as well. There is little excuse for low resolution or blurry images: your customers expect more.

De-clutter and Simplify

It doesn’t take a lot to lose the attention of new guests to your site; without a clear and simple design, they may get lost in the noise. The most important information or resources that your clients need to access should always be easy to find and understand. Online stores should always have concise product navigation and immediately-obvious links to the shopping cart and checkout pages. Search functions should be at or near the top for ease of use.

Use Colors to your Advantage

The right colors can be used to send the message you want to convey about your business. Studies have shown color is very important for brand recognition. Research has also shown that our minds subconsciously process images and determine whether the content is interesting before we even know what has happened. If you want to catch and retain the attention of your viewers, then the smart use of color and pattern is required.


There’s no easier way to frustrate your visitors than by confusing them with an inconsistent and chaotic design. People feel comfortable when they know what to expect, and now is not the time to challenge them. Keep your site navigation and layout similar across all pages and make sure it is easy to find. Follow well-established protocols that people have come to expect, and don’t deviate from your aesthetic. This is not an easy job and hence it may be a good idea to hire a web designing agency such as WebEnertia to help you with the aesthetics.

Don’t Forget Mobile Users

As smartphones become more powerful, we see them starting to take the place of traditional desktop and laptop PCs. A generation is growing up now that may never interact with a desktop computer outside of school or work. With so many people accessing the internet with mobile devices, you’re crippling yourself if this demographic isn’t being accommodated. If you’ve followed the design principle of simplicity, then you shouldn’t have a hard time compressing your full-featured site into one that is mobile responsive.

Studies indicate that for more than 40% of participants, a professional page layout is the number one most important thing when considering the credibility of the company it represents. Don’t lose out on business because of poor web design; by following these tips, both you and your website are sure to find success.