Want to Improve Sales? Here’s How NOT to Track Sales Leads

If you’re busy searching “how to track sales leads in excel” or “how to track leads using a simple contact database”, you need to read this.

To improve the organization and management of your incoming leads, and therefore improve your sales, you need to figure out what you may be doing wrong so that you can try a better system. Are you perhaps using an outdated lead tracking method? Perhaps your current method is unable to manage high volumes of data effectively? Whatever the reason may be, transform your lead management and tracking system from a disorganized mess to a meticulous, effective and simple process with tips on what not to do to manage and track sales leads successfully. You may find that specified software is positive in these areas, and a spreadsheet from websites like ProSymmetry can help keep that organization high and steady for the whole team.

Do Not Use a System That Has Limited Accessibility

In order to keep up to date with your incoming leads, no matter where you are, you need a system that gives you access anywhere. Whether you’re on the move, on a business trip or in the office, a system that allows you to keep track of leads in real time is invaluable. Do not use a system that is offline, inaccessible outside of the office and is limited to a few devices. Having 24/7 access to a system that sends you real time notifications and alerts you when a lead has not yet been contacted will improve your sales productivity.

Do Not Use a Process that is Spread Across Multiple Platforms

Using a process that is spread across multiple platforms and spreadsheets is not best practice when it comes to improving your sales and streamlining lead management. Processes that require your sales team to consult different sources are not effective for managing high volumes of data and may cause precious leads to fall through the cracks. Simple lead tracking software can help you condense all this information onto a single tool for effective management that requires minimal effort.

Do Not Use a System That Lacks Accountability Management

Whether you’re using an offline spreadsheet method of tracking the status of your sales lead, or a system that lacks automation, you may be losing out on accountability management. A system that keeps you updated on the status of leads and the time it took your sales team to contact each lead will allow you to improve the performance of your team and lead response time. Smart and simple lead tracking software can also notify you as soon as a lead comes in and when a lead has not yet been contacted.

There are many other outdated, ineffective practices that can have a negative effect on the productivity and performance of your sales team. In order to upgrade your organisation and increase your sales, switch to a modern lead management system that will give you a single-source solution with benefits and features that go far beyond spreadsheets.